Price May Change without Notice

Dinner Asian Cusine

Served w. Miso Soup or Ginger Salad & White Rice
(Sub. Fried Rice $1.99 Extra)

1. Thai Crispy Chicken
Crispy white meat chicken with fruity sweet chili sauce
2. Mongolian
Sauteed sliced chicken or beef with scallion, onion and peppers with black pepper sauce
Chicken $12.99 / Steak $13.99
3. Mango
Wok sauteed with fresh mango slices in homemade mild spicy sweet mango glaze
Chicken $13.99 / Shrimp $15.99
4. Thai Red Snapper
Deep fried snapper, onion, green pea, green pepper, basil w. Thai sweet and chili sauce
5. Pineapple
Cashew, pineapple, lemon grass a half pinespple garmished w. basil
Chicken $13.99 / Shrimp $15.99